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5 Stars Read this last night and loved it!

This book is so many things but its starts off a story about lost first loves, lost hope, lost loves and the potential to have an HES. Benji and Indy were childhood best friends and then boyfriend and girlfriend. Benji took care of his drug addicted mother and his younger brother. Trying to do the best for them and give his little brother a future. His mother is forced out and he decides to go and shelter his brother from her addiction and ends up following her down the same path.

Benji's a tough guy but not an alpha, he's just a kid whose had to learn how to take care of himself. He's really a softy and wants to have Indy take care of him.

He leaves heart broken Indy behind after she told him she'd love him even after he dying breath. After three years neither of them had moved on in their feelings. Indy tried with Benji sweet best friend Flynn but she always knew he was only a substitute for Benji. Unforunately Flynn knew he was just a place holder for Benji too.

Benji came home after a death in the family and brought a whole load of trouble back with him. Everyone's lives change after that and they are all forced into a life they didnt want.

You ever read a book and see the percentages tick by and you know there's no way they can wrap it up and there's going to be cliff hanger. In this book i wasn't sad about the cliff hanger I wanted and need to read the next book. Don't not read this book because there's another edition to this story it will totally be worth it. I have a feeling this story is epic. Cheryl doesnt let you down, she's a brilliant story teller weaving the romance in with a nail biting back story.

SLIGHT SPOILER: I can't deny that near the end of the book I had one of those moments when (I like to call them PKD-Probably Kindle Damage) I want to throw my kindle across the room as its covered in my tears. Luckily I didnt do that cause the last 3% will have you dying for the next edition of this story.

May 15, 2014


5 Stars  Benji, Flynn & Jaxon!!! Intensity level is Sky high
I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

To me, this is the story of Briar, Benji, Jaxon, Flynn & Kameron. Briar & Benji were like a crazy/intense couple. They had known each other all their lives and had been friends forever. They were just fated to be in each other's lives. Then Benji had to move away bc his mom was kicked out of his grandpa's house bc of her careless lifestyle & his younger brother Jaxon wanted to go with her. Benji didn't want to leave Briar, but he felt he needed to protect & take care of Jaxon.

Three years has gone by & Briar & Benji had not seen each other or spoken to each other. Benji had followed in his mother's footsteps into a careless life of drugs, dealing & craziness. Briar lived a simple life with her sweet parents & her boyfriend, Flynn. She loves Flynn, but she lets him know real quick that she would choose Benji over him in a second. Flynn knew this anyway, but he risks his heart with Briar anyway bc he loves her so much. When Benji comes back to town after his mother's death & trying to escape his old lifestyle & HEAVY debts his mother owed, EVERYTHING goes nuts & tragedy follows.

I just want you to know, I LOVED Flynn! I REALLY LOVED Jaxon! I LOVED Kameron! I also REALLY LOVED Briar's parents! Thank you for making me love the secondary characters!

The ending was absolutely crazy & mind-blowing. This story was heartbreaking, intense, incredible & I LOVED IT! I didn't want it to end & you'll understand why when YOU read it! Trust me, you want to read this book!

I absolutely loved this book! This book was SO INCREDIBLY different from anything that's out there right now or anything I've read, which is such a good thing! It seems there is a formula for most authors, but I really love an author who is more focused on the story & the intense connection with the friendships, family members, & other characters than the stuff that doesn't matter as much. Words are so powerful & every time I read a Cheryl McIntyre book, I feel so connected with what I'm reading that I NEVER want it to end!

May 13, 2014


Cheryl McIntyre steals part of my heart every time I read one of her books and Infinitely wasn’t any different. Part love story, part thriller Infinitely had me glued to its pages late into the night desperate to find out how Benji and Briar’s story ended.
Briar and Benji have been best friends since they can remember. Living close to one another they sent messages back and forth by a clothes line they connected to their bedroom windows. As their friendship grew so did their feelings. Even at a young age Benji and Briar knew their relationship was special. As years passed they evolved from friends, to puppy love, to lovers. Told in alternating points of view, we get to see in the form of flashbacks how the pivotal moments in their past bonded them for life. Sadly for Benji, when your mother loves drugs more than her next breath a happy ending isn’t something you can hope for.
When Benji’s mother is kicked out of her father’s home, Benji follows her to protect his younger brother Jaxon. Leaving Briar is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. He hates his mother for putting him in this situation. Unfortunately he knows without him there to protect Jax, it’s only time before his brother follows in their mother’s footsteps. When Benji leaves, he and Briar both pledge their hearts to one another. But, the ominous feeling that surrounds their tender moment foreshadows the hard times to come.
With absolutely no contact from Benji since the day he left, Briar’s only choice is to move on with her life. She attends college and helps out on her family’s farm in the summer. A childhood friend, Flynn, takes Benji’s place as her boyfriend. Even though her feelings for Flynn will never compare to those she has for Benji she tries her hardest to love him the way he deserves. Feisty with a passion for life, Briar’s friend Kameron watches over Briar in a way only a best girl friend could. Kameron pushes Briar out of her shell when she needs it, lectures her for forgetting to eat and becoming too thin, and worries about her inability to move on from Benji.
While Briar is trying to live with out Benji, Benji is just trying to focus on staying alive. After the death of his mother, Benji and his brother Jaxon begin a game of cat and mouse with their mother’s dealer and sometimes boyfriend, Delphi. A series of mistakes, acts of jealousy, and vengeance cause the brothers to escape back to the only place they feel safe, their grandfather’s home.
Once Benji comes home the interaction between him and Briar is strained to put it mildly. Unknown to her, Benji is trying push Briar away to keep her from finding his secret. He refuses to let Briar see him until he feels worthy of her. Too bad the heinous actions of Delphi’s men cause Benji to throw all his plans out the window in effort to keep Briar safe.
As always, the characters Cheryl McIntyre creates are so full of depth there is no way you can keep yourself from connecting with them deeply. The pain both Benji and Briar feel is so raw, especially as the novel progresses and the danger around them escalates. In many novels the secondary characters are only there to fill up space. But, in McIntyre’s books each character fills an important roll. There is no way to not attach yourself to every single person you are introduced to. Flynn, Jax and Kameron found their way into my heart just as much as Benji and Briar.
Every bullet, every bruise, every loss cut me to my core. This is not a book for the faint of heart. There is death, blood, and pain at every turn. But for every hurt there is also a moment of kindness, no matter how small. The novel was a constant struggle between goodness and destruction that made me hold my breath with each turn of the page.
As with all books I had a few questions. What kind of community did Briar and Benji live in that was quaint enough to ride horses in to town like it was a common occurrence? How did Briar live in the country but Benji’s house was close enough to be able to see inside his bedroom window and pass notes? And, what exactly did Briar’s parents do? The multiple scenes of working in the corn field by hand, without any machinery was confusing (especially from a girl who grew up on a farm in North Dakota). A bit more of background or explanation would have been helpful. But, even with these oddities I still found myself so engrossed that these details became insignificant compared to the love I had for the story.
Cheryl McIntyre never lets me down. This novel is definitely different from her Sometimes Never Series. I actually found it to be more similar to her newest series, Dirty (which by the way I absolutely LOVE and highly recommend). Fans of her past work will no doubt fall in love with Benji and Briar just as hard and fast as I did. And, with the unexpected, emotionally charged end of Infinitely I can only hope for the second book in the series to come out as soon as possible.

May 11, 2014

Playing Dirty

Yes! Ahhh! This is exactly what I wanted after reading the first one. I wanted that background mixed in with current events. It made me grip onto the characters even more than I did with the first installment. I'll be damned if I didn't feel their anger, upset, fear, realizations the same way they did as I was reading. Phenomenal.

I think it's been established that I don't often do serials but holy crap, this one is changing my mind on it altogether. Rocky and Link, just might be two of THE BEST characters I've ever come across because of how real they appear. Everything they experience, with each other and apart, it's just raw and freaking mind blowing.

I attempted not to fangirl, but I failed. I heart this book and these characters so hard and now I need more, so I'm just gonna go get book three now! I'm actually glad I came into this author late because it means I've got more to go back and read.

Go get this I swear to god, you won't be disappointed. Just be prepared to be mindblown in the process

April 26, 2014

Fighting Dirty


To the author: you are awesome but so cruel! I'm addicted to this series as it's so bloody good, yet you keep me hanging and anticipating like a drug addict for my next hit! Please put me out of my blissful misery soon.....

April 24, 2014

Talking Dirty


Seriously!!! UGH! Talking Dirty will leave you throwing down your Kindle yelling when you realize you're at the end and have to wait until the next book, Fighting Dirty, to see what happens next. And you WILL want to know what happens. Because we're at a really good part of this story. OMG!! I cannot wait.

April 7, 2014

Getting Dirty


Cheryl McIntyre surprised us all with a sneaky release that we had NO idea about, and what a fantastic surprise this was. GETTING DIRTY is the first part in a new, dark, adult novella series that will leave you desperate for more.

We start the book 4 years ago. Link is out with his girlfriend Olivia, when something happens that would forever change their lives. Now, in the present day, Link is left filled with pain, and the consuming need for revenge.

This is what my life is now. A dead man, inside a scarred body, living only for revenge. - Link.

Then we have Rocky. She is one kickass heroine; but with the name Rocky, would you really expect anything less? And yes, you read it right, Rocky is a female. After experiencing something that no one ever should, she spends her time getting lost in a bottle of booze, and participating in a certain activity in bar bathrooms.

I'm humping this cowboy's face like we're at the rodeo, and he's loving every minute of it. - Rocky.

This series is honestly not like anything Cheryl has done before. It's dark, it's sexy, it's gripping, and addictive. It has assault, sexual situations, alcohol abuse, a girl who wants to be free, and a guy with murder on his mind.

But it's not just about Link getting revenge. There's also lessons that can be learned from the scene about self defense. And since reading this book, they've stuck in my head, and now I find myself following the advice laid out.

"Carry your keys with you even if you don't think you'll need them. They make a good weapon when nothing else is available." - Link.

I was absolutely hooked while reading this book, and though my plan was just to read the first book and then get on with everyday life, after the ending, there was no hope for me. I went straight on to the second book without even taking a breath.

A definite must read. And trust me, go straight ahead and buy both #1 and #2, because just like me, once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.

March 10, 2014

Getting Dirty



A year ago, Cheryl McIntyre was completely unknown to me. She is one of those superb writers that comes along every once in a while and packs such an immense emotional punch into her words and characters that you never forget her name again. You're blindsided by how engaged you become with her characters, how entangled you are in their lives.
I was beyond thrilled that I won the first instalment of this series just yesterday and quickly and greedily read the whole thing in about an hour.

Getting Dirty is a gritty, dark and sometimes devastating read. Different from the books I know and love Cheryl for but it is in no way any less brilliant than the likes of Sometimes Never. It still addresses the same awful and all too real issues of abuse, rape and in this case it ended in an awful murder. It is 59 pages of anger, turmoil, loss and an ache for avenging the wrongs done four years previous, a thirst that you as the reader starts to engage in, or at least I felt the need.

From the first line I was utterly hooked. Usually I am dead set against lengthy and spaced instalments, never even entertaining the idea to purchase one seeing it as unnecessary and a money racket but I can honestly, hand-on-my-heart state that this is not the case with Getting Dirty. It's a good length for a first and it is so worth the price. I can't wait for the next part to be released having been left tantalised by the ending of this part. Simply amazing work from Cheryl.

March 5, 2014

Getting Dirty

Love this writer

I read everything I can find by this author. I started with Sometimes Never. Great author. Getting Dirty is right there with the rest of her books, very good. Link and Rocky's stories are very intense. Their background similar, but not. They have both chosen disturbing coping mechanisms.

At the start you are caught in a jaw dropping moment when you have to 're read because you're like WHAT!!!! I did not see that coming. In true Cheryl McIntyre style, you are caught up and wanting more. Both Link and Rocky have deep, deep issues and this is a short read, the beginning of what looks to be a good series.

March 2, 2014

Long After

5 Stars! 

My all time favourite storyline when the couple starts off with a love-hate relationship. Annie and Chase have been friends for years and now off to college.

What I loved the most about this book is Chase. He was cheeky, protective, laid back. The banter between the main characters was cute and funny.

You want to shove things up my ass?...I didn't know you were so kinky

Okay, so there was a few things that didn't go down well with me. A couple times I wanted the story to get back to the present sooner. And when it did I felt it ended too abruptly. Annie started off a strong heroine but slowly she dipped with her decision making.

I was willing to wait on you long before you had a reason to take your time. I think Im willing to wait long after

I will still give this 5 stars because I was getting serious butterflies in my stomach, I was swooning hard for Chase, the romance was dragged out just how I like it, I loved the writing styleand just because I'm a hopeless romantic that loves friends-to-lovers books. If you like the above, I would give this book a go x

October 23, 2014

Long After


Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goddddddddd...Ms. Cheryl McIntyre welcome to my fave authors circle! This one's gonna be a gusher peeps. Seriously. Simply written but nonetheless a really beautiful relationship is woven into this story. What I like about her novels is that although the growth of the featured relationship plays a key role in the novel, it's not the book. It's embedded within a solid story and is really character driven. Start with good characters and you have the basis of something special. And, I think CM is damn good at pulling this off. Reading one of her novels is like heaven for me - expertly written heroines and males, both as supporting or as her protagonists.

Even though her females struggle, the way they fight is admirable and strong. Real with setbacks but also real with personal wins as well. A nicely balanced portrayal.

Chase is quite possibly my favourite character in this series that just straight up kicks ass! I love well-written characters and the dynamic that he has with Annie is perfect. You see why they have a connection, it's not told to you and you're not beaten over the head with it, it just is. Their chemistry is a great mix of comedic "insults" (especially the one involving bestiality, lol)and then real substance so that their relationship doesn't come off as irritating and angsty. Rather it flows naturally as they both grow individually.

Especially Annie, I enjoyed watching her let go and learn to receive the love she's given as she fights to be happy. Her struggle in this novel is handled really well. I felt ill for her and just wanted to jump through the pages in the final confrontation.

What also elevated this story for me was CM's effective use of flash backs and flash forwards. It really told this story well (view spoiler)

And the bonus scene - holy shit, that was an excellent way to finish the book even though it wasn't the official wrap up. You'll see what I mean! Just please pick this series up and you won't be sorry and for those who have read the previous books, then you should be falling all over yourselves trying to get it. I can't wait for anything this woman writes!

Almost forgot to mention, the use of music and specific songs that Chase uses to communicate to Annie throughout the novel - f'n genius! Told ya it was gonna be a gusher ;)

October 17, 2013

Long After

Now I'm not gloating or anything when I say this but I've been very fortunate lately to and have a few ARC's from a few of my new favourite Authors. Some of them I've even had the chance to have a chat with thanks to the wonders of Social Media. My not so inner fangirl escapes more often than not and I generally start turning into the biggest geek girl. Hopefully all these Authors understand I'm really not a total nutcase from New Zealand, well at least I'm sure I'm not the only one (I'm sure theres plenty here hehehe).

So getting back on track here, I want to thank my lucky stars that I get to be on the book blog bandwagon and am making friends as I go along :). 

Anyway on with the reason for this post -  Long After by Cheryl McIntyre is the latest ARC I have received. I picked this book up yesterday at around 2pm and couldn't put it down. Chase and Annie's story is EPIC.

Ok I have found you can read this book as a stand alone but I do think you need to pick up the 2.5 books before it as Cheryl is AWESOME at telling stories that are real. Order goes like this (All linked to Amazon for your convenience - Sometimes Never , Blackbird - Sometimes Never Novella and Before Now - FYI These books are on special so be quick)
The more I read of this series the better it gets. Before Now was cemented as one of my Favourite Books and is listed as so on my goodreads favourite shelf so I jumped at the chance to read Long After as besides Park, Chase was one of my favourite characters from the Before Now.

Synopsis goes like this - For Annie Phillips, there is a right way to do things and everything has a place. College and her flawless GPA are top priority, as is planning her perfect future. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. So when she meets Loden Guiles, she believes she has finally found her perfect happily-ever-after.

Chase Malloy is funny, loyal, and an all around nice guy. He’s also sloppy, tattooed, and undirected. All Chase wants to do is survive college, hang out with friends, and make music. Knowing his best friend’s step-sister since they were fourteen, Annie and he have always had a love-hate relationship. The last thing Chase expects is to fall for Annie, but he knows he’ll never live up to her idea of the perfect man.

On the outside, Annie and Loden’s relationship appears picture perfect. But behind closed doors, Annie quickly realizes Loden isn’t the man he pretends to be. Every time her not so well laid plans crumble, and Loden proves to be not so Mr. Right, Chase is there to pick her up and brush her off. Will she realize the perfection she’s been searching for has been in front of her all this time?

Oh Chase - You are so up my alley. I love your laid back attitude and your "arguments" with Annie are hilarious. I almost wish I had had a step brother growing up with a friend like you. I love characters who have what I refer to as the "Smartass" factor and you Chase have it in spades. I do also LOVE your taste in Music. The fact there are 2 Foo fighters songs in there makes me very happy, with one of them being one of my favourites - Everlong. You are more than welcome to come and change my Iphone Music anytime you like.

Annie - What can I say. I wasn't your biggest fan in Before Now but I love the fact you can hold your own against these boys with your witty comebacks and your take no prisoners attitude. I was so glad for you when you sorted your head out. Your need for perfection is something I can relate to. While I'm not OCD with the clean like you (I'm more on the Chase scale here) I do get you and love the way you finally get head around it so it doesn't rule your life. (Struggling to praise you for things and not include spoilers here so sorry this isn't more descriptive. READ this book and then you'll see why I'm happy with her by the end).

Loden - Hmmmmm well obviously this book is set up where I'm not meant to like you which I'm fully on board with as you are a grade A @$$hole. Enough said about you.

So again I say read the books before this as the Gang from past books make appearances, Park, Guy, Hope and the others. While it's not essential to know the backstory in my opinion it makes this story all the more great knowing the back stories of people (I'm a lover of series and love following character development and histories. For me it's like being part of the crowd and knowing these people like friends).

This book for me is now going in my Favourites Shelf and it has cemented for me that Cheryl is just awesome :).

This book is available on the 15th of October. Please come back here and I'll have the link posted as to where it's available on Amazon for you to get your hands on it :)

October 10, 2013

Before Now

ellie’s $0.02:
Sometimes it is a crazy story how you get a book into your hands.  This is kind of a funny story.  Several weeks ago I get a text from a friend of mine along the lines of “hey… got my first book cover gig.”  Not a direct quote, but you get the gist.  I don’t directly quote friends.  Well, yes, I do.  But not in this case.
ANYWAY… he texts about this book cover and I’m fucking doing cartwheels I’m so excited about it.
Cover comes out and I start pimping the shit out of it… I mean come on… HOT cover and someone I talk to regularly?  No brainer.  BOOM!  Cheryl messages me and is like “yo bitch… wanna review me?”  (Again, not direct quote.)
So I do have to be honest… I had never read one of Cheryl’s books and through her cover with my buddy (i.e., my-lust-candy-that-I’m-friends-with) I JUMPED on this chance.  Turns out I love Cheryl (her personally).  I love her writing.  And of COURSE, LOVED this book.  By the way, I’m totes singing “It’s a Small World” right now.  I’m so happy that this book crossed my desk in this way.
You want to hear about the book though I suppose?
So Park is an asshole.  Kinda.  I mean, he’s supposed to be, but I still completely loved him.  Park is angry, but pretty justified in his anger as you find in the book. Like I said already, you are supposed to hate him for being a jerk… but like Lucy… you can’t help but still love his hot ass.  Underneath the anger is the pretty awesome guy that Lucy sees him for.
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.  What a lovable gal.  And a book where the heroine has no issues!  Pretty damn refreshing!  She’s a smart, sassy, hot, no-bull-shit kinda gal.  And sees Park for who he really is.
Book is written in Park and Lucy POV’s.  I have to say… Cheryl does a PHENOMENAL job of writing as a dude.  Park’s POV is spot-on describing a guy’s thinking, actions and talking.  At times, you are forgetting a female wrote his brain!  Very impressed she nailed a dude like that (hey, can he nail me now?)…
Supporting cast is just as endearing.   Loved all of the secondary characters and all of their personalities!
So what I’m trying to say is that I think this book is awesome.  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.  I ended up loving Cheryl’s writing style.  The plot flows at a perfect pace, love the dialogue (y’all know I’m a dialogue freak).  I was immediately pulled into this book and loved every fucking second of chillaxing with these characters.   You can feel the vibes and emotions of these characters.  I was laughing, crying, getting wet (duh… water fights)… but there are some pretty hot, panty-dropping sex scenes….  and HOLY HELL… you get one helluva HEA with this one.  *le sigh*  Totally still swooning over this book.
Bottomline?  I’m a true Cheryl fan now.  This book (and NO… not because Brandyn is on  the cover) is ending up one of my favorite books.  Cheryl can get me wet anytime.  Brandyn can too.  Wait, I mean Park.  No, I mean Brandyn.
And before you ask… of COURSE I am TOTALLY buying the paperback version of this book too.

June 19, 2013

Before Now

5 big shiny stars!!

********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********

It takes something special to make you fall in love with a character you previously dis-liked, and Cheryl McIntyre and Before Now are proof of that. When I read Sometimes Never I was Team Mason from beginning to end and I thought Park was an ass!! But after just a few pages of Before Now I was thinking "Mason who?"

It's one of those moments I have often. I know I should pause. I should stop, take a breath, walk away. But I can't. All these emotions attack me at once, overwhelming any good sense I may have had. When I get like this - I can't fucking take it.

Park Reed is gorgeous. Tall, with dark messy hair, and warm brown eyes framed by long, dark lashes. He's also incredibly smart and talented. But he's broken. Tortured by his past he uses Alcohol and sex to forget his demons. As the lead singer of his band he has women falling at his feet, which works perfectly for Park because when it comes to the opposite sex, his rule is "hit it and quit it". He lives by a set of 'Life Lessons' which made my heart hurt for him because he thinks he needs them to keep himself from getting hurt again when in reality he's keeping himself from getting to experience what it's like to be truly happy and feel loved.

Life Lesson 3: Life is shitty. Fucking deal with it. You want something? Take it. Take it and fuck everything and everyone else.

Life Lesson 4: Do not - under any circumstances - fall in love.

Lucy Braden is beautiful. Heart shaped face, big gray eyes and golden hair that falls to her waste. She's had her fair share of pain in her past but she refuses to let it define her. She's strong, care free, giving and loving and it shows in her list of 'Lucy's Rules To Live By'. She believes in making people feel special, and makes it her goal to make someone smile every day. She is an old soul with a beautiful heart.

Lucy's Rule - 4: Love whole-heartedly.

Lucy's Rule - 7: No matter how many times you're let down, continue believing in the goodness of others.

When Park moves in with his friend Jessie and comes face to face (or should I say water-gun to face) with Lucy who lives in the apartment above, the attraction is instant. After trying and failing to fight the chemistry, things get steamy! But Park goes in to self-destruct mode and does something which leaves them both hurting and Lucy questioning and rewriting her 'Rules'.

Lucy's Rule 4: Love whole-heartedly. (Unless in the presence of Park Reed - in which case, guard your heart at all costs.)

Lucy's Rule 7: No matter how many times you're let down, continue believing in the goodness of others. (?)

My heart really did break for Park with everything he was trying to deal with on his own. Yeah he hurt Lucy bad but he was suffering right along with her. He made some stupid choices but he paid for every one of them and was still paying for some long after they happened. But thankfully he figured some things out. He learned forgiveness of both himself, and of others who caused him pain in his past and was able to see things clearly.

Life Lesson 13: Focus on what is - not what could have been.

"I thought I was in love with Hope. All those years I really thought she was who I wanted. But that was...Hope just wasn't The One. Lucy is - everything. She's everything I want and everything I need. I didn't think I'd ever find this."

Although 'Lucy's Rules' and 'Park's Life Lessons' weren't mentioned a huge amount in the book, I think they played a pretty big part and I loved the focus on them. If there was a message in this story I think it would be summed up perfectly by Park's 'Life Lesson 12'...

Life Lesson 12: As your life changes, change your rules accordingly. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to living.

I seriously went through the motions with this book. I was frustrated when things were keeping Lucy and Park apart, I was happy when things started looking up for them, pissed off when Park screwed up, happy again (and pretty damn hot ;) ), scared, relieved, and then the perfect ending just made my heart swell, and in the words of Lucy, it was blissful. If you loved Sometimes Never and Blackbird you will love Before Now even more!

We merge like two flames, fast and out of control. Because sometimes that's just how love works. We may smolder, we may blaze, we may rage without reason. But it's always beautiful. - Lucy.

May 27, 2013

's review

Before Now

Park Reed is a bastard in every sense of the word. He hasn't always been this way. But after his heart was broken by the only girl he ever loved, being heartless gets him through the day and allows him to fill his nights with the nameless girls he has no intentions of seeing again. He now lives his life following his ever-growing list of “life lessons.”

Lucy Braden is everything Park is not. She’s sweet, caring, and an all-around nice person. She tries to follow Lucy's Rules to Live By everyday.

When Park moves in with Jessie, which happens to be the floor below Lucy, Jessie's one stipulation: Lucy is off limits to Park. The problem with that is Lucy is determined to be a good friend to Park and see past the drinking and random girls to find the man beneath it all. The other problem: Park follows his own rules.

*This is a New Adult novel. Recommended for 17+ due to sexual situations, harsh language, and drug and alcohol use.

Before Now is a companion novel to Sometimes Never, and many of its characters are in Park’s story. However, it can be read as a stand-alone book.

Find it on Goodreads.

Expected Publication June 4, 2013

In Sometimes Never (Book One) we are introduced to Park as Hope's "unofficial boyfriend." He comes across as an asshole, making one wrong move after the other. I was TEAM MASON all the way, even though Park did get the short end of the stick, he wasn't right for Hope and I just wanted him to suck it up and move on. In all honesty I looked at him like the bad guy. BUT, while reading Blackbird, the novella to Sometimes Never, I fell in love with Park. There is a scene when Hope goes to talk to him and you can just tell he is suffering and it broke my heart. I knew then that I had misunderstood Park in book one and I couldn't wait to read his story.

I love guys with tortured souls, heart breaking pasts and self destructive personalities and all of that is what makes Park PERFECT. He is the definition of self destructive. Cheryl brought him to life for me and I felt as though I was right there with him making stupid decisions and battling conflicting emotions along with demons from the past. Park is drinking his way thru life and girls, no relationships, no emotions, just sex. He doesn't need to know your name or ever see you again. Then he meets Lucy, the hippie chick from the upstairs apartment and everything changes. He has a whole new set of problems. (1) Lucy ONLY does relationships, nothing casual. If Park wants her he has to commit to her and (2) His roommate and friend, Jessie warns him to stay away from Lucy. So now he has to figure out how to follow Jessie's rule and still be friends with the hottie upstairs.
Lucy has taken it upon herself to help Park. His destructive behavior is only going to hurt him in the long run and well, she likes him and thinks he is better than that. Everybody needs a friend, someone they can count on and she wants to be that person. She refused to lower her standards and become THAT GIRL, the one that Park uses and then moves on. Things get complicated, lines get blurred and Park does what he does best...he's an asshole!
I LOVED IT....FREAKING LOVED IT!! These characters are not only friends they are a family and Cheryl takes you right into their world and makes you their family. You laugh with them, cry with them, get mad at them just like you would your brother/sister/friend. Her writing style flows so easily it's like I'm living their story. I was captivated from the beginning and with each page I fell even more in love with each character. I can't wait for the next book, I hope it will be Chase's story, I have a feeling that will be very interesting ;)

May 21,2013

Sometimes Never

Five Stars!
This. This was what I needed. A compelling contemporary with a heart-stopping romance and beautiful friendships. Granted, this was by no means a light read. It was dark and intense, which admittedly is the kind of book I usually go for. But aside from revelling in this side of the story, the pages of Sometimes Never are home to characters I fell head over heels in love with. Cheryl McIntyre has, without a doubt, made it onto my list of favourite authors.

Hope's life has been far from easy. She never knew her father, and her mother was uninterested in raising a daughter, instead either leaving the house unexpectedly or bringing home undesirable company. Then she died. For the past few years Hope's lived with a foster family, and while she's much better off than before, she still can't erase the pain and the scars that her past has inflicted on her. And love? Out of the question. Mason is now at his eighth school in five years, a result of his mother's constant desire to move. He's tired of not being able to stick around long enough to make proper friends, tired of having to leave places behind - especially his home of Illinois. He lets his temper get the best of him and uses girls as a way of trying to forget and to lose himself, but doesn't really believe in love.

And then they meet. And everything changes.

McIntyre deals with difficult issues in a very sensitive manner. Looking at the cover, it does kind of give the impression that this is perhaps something of a heavier read, but there is no specific mention of the topics that get brought up, leaving me surprised when I started reading. A lot of these stem from Hope's character. Hope has had some truly traumatic experiences, and because of that is a character completely and utterly broken. Both within the book and as a YA protagonist, she stands out from the crowd. Strangely enough, I felt almost no frustration with her character. I could see how much pain she was in, how she genuinely felt that she wasn't worthy of love and that she would destroy any kind of relationship she had, not realising that her friendships were relationships in themselves. Commitment is an absolute no-no for her, and that makes her almost oblivious to how differently other people might feel. She's also one hell of a fighter. She does struggle with herself quite a lot, and by the end of the book she's come a long way from where she was at the start. Not completely healed, but I think almost as much as possible for someone who's been through her experiences.

Now, if anyone were to ask me to name all my book boyfriends, it's safe to say we'd be here for...well, for a long while, let's just say. So what does it tell you when I say that Mason would be among the first names you hear? And he would be. Because he is honestly that amazing. This guy does nothing but help Hope and be there for her. He is just more sweet than I can describe. He makes mistakes, and then does his utmost to rectify them. The relationship he shares with his younger brother is also touching; these two don't fight and yell at each other. Mason is the responsible older brother who takes the time to do things with him, and you can see clearly that Kellin respects him. He gets along with his mother too - although this was a woman who had lost my respect by the end. She pulled a move that I was so scared would happen, and when I was proved right, I couldn't believe she would do such a thing. Yet somehow Mason has turned out to be a genuinely good guy, someone who stands up for what is right, makes his own choices, and refuses to go along with what others want him to do.

The secondary characters are brilliantly fleshed out as well. I can't even begin to tell you how much I adored the friendships in this book - between Mason, Hope, Guy, Chase, even Kellin and Misty. Guy is Hope's absolute best friend, and she's pretty tight with Chase as well; all three of them are part of a band, and Park is the fourth. Out of the secondary characters, Guy was by far my favourite. I loved him. Completely. He's been there for Hope ever since her mother died, and he understands her like no-one else does. At the same time, he says his mind. But even though he's my favourite, I love Chase too. I'm a little mixed with Park. On the one hand, I can see where he's coming from, but at the same time he does something that's pretty unforgiveable.

I adored this book. Pure and simple. It's so clear that Cheryl McIntyre knows every single one of her characters back to front, inside and out. And every single relationship in here, whether it's familial, platonic, romantic, loving, indifferent, painful - every single one of them is deep, layered, expertly written. Sometimes Never is all about the characters and their struggles to move on in their lives and, without fully realising it, this is what I needed to read. And if this review has made even one of you add it to your TBR, I feel like I've accomplished something. Because this is a book that deserves to be read.

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March 22, 2013


Blackbird tells the story of the years between the final chapter and the epilogue of Sometimes Never, in which Hope and Mason do their separate things while still trying to make their relationship work, and also learn to confront their own issues once and for all.

I loved this one because in Blackbird, Mason's problems become more obvious. You can see just how messed up he is. In the first book, his anger and the difficulty he has with his own past are visible, but in the novella, while Hope still struggles a great deal, there is also more emphasis on Mason's struggle. He has to learn to address his temper, his quick impulses. On top of that, his problems are worsened by the fact that his mother is being frustratingly stubborn. In a way, I can understand where she's coming from and why she's acting the way she is; she has Kellin to think about too. But then I also don't think that she should be acting that way. In the first instance, it makes her a hypocrite, which I loved Hope for pointing out to her. In the second, it shows a lack of understanding on her part. It just emphasises her inability to deal with life and the readiness to give up. Despite her own pain and grief, she can't seem to comprehend that of someone else, and the pressure that she put on Mason because of this, the hurt she inflicted on him, really had me feeling for him.

As I said before, Hope is still struggling a lot here. She thought she had things figured out, but going to college has made her realise that actually, she has no idea what she's going to do. It feels like there are too many things happening, too many things to think about and decide, and they're suffocating her. There were a couple of close calls, and she put Mason through a lot, but I was happy when she really made an effort to overcome her fears and impulses. Even more so when Guy and Chase came along and speeded up the process. I was glad to see that despite everything, she did want Mason to be happy, and she was offering to sacrifice a lot if it meant his mother would allow their family to go back to how they used to be.

The ending for this is adorable, as is the epilogue of Sometimes Never. I'm so happy it ended that way.

I can't say any more. Just know that I love Cheryl McIntyre, I love her books, her characters, and even if I had her companion novel, as yet untitled, in my hands right now, it still wouldn't be soon enough. I'm going to go stalk her on Twitter now.

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March 22, 2013


Where to begin. This book was a follow up to Sometimes Never. A book I loved. While Blackbird was a novella, it was short, but chock full of sweetness, and yet another novel of Cheryl McIntyre's that has captured a piece of my heart.

I’m a candy lover and always have been, so this book pulled me in from the start. I can relate to Hope. I’d eat skittles off the floor too. The ten second rule never applies.

Every character in this story was so well-defined, that I could see them, feel them, understand them, and I wanted to know them. I definitely need a best friend like Guy.

The story deals with the sensitive issue of cutting, but yet it was handled in such a way that my heart didn’t feel weighted. It was broken down with humor, with light, and with love. It was presented in a way that spoke to me. Meaning, having an affliction doesn’t define you, it’s just the symptom of, in this case, something tragic, and it gives hope to people who are struggling with these kinds of issues.

Everyone has something. Something they’re struggling with, working on, dealing with, or perhaps even running from. This is something that as human beings binds us together. What matters though, is the path we choose, the truths we endure, and the pain we suffer to come to a different place. A place that moves us toward healing. This is what Mason and Hope gave each other. Inspiration, the hope for something better, and real love.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

I will never again be able to hear the song Blackbird without thinking about Mason and Hope

March 1, 2013

Sometimes Never

Five Stars!
Sometimes Never was a wonderful story. Reminded me of Hopeless.
From the very beginning I was invested in this story, and determined to read it every chance I got until I was done. It had me emotional at times, I laughed, shedded a few tears, smiled, and got pissed a few times. But it was a great read.

Mason and Hope were created for eachother. Although they both had issues, they needed eachother to over come being "Broken"

I think all the characters were great, they all played a great part for the story. Although sometimes I wanted to slap Hope, and tell her enough already, I still loved her character. And Mason, WOW, did I LOVE me some Mason; who the hell wouldn't want one of him :]

One of my favorite lines:
"Sometimes never is a distorted perception. I love you, Hope. And I'm not the only one. I know you care about me. I see it in your eyes. I feel it. Everybody needs love. Everybody. And some people need it more than others. You're a liar if you say you don't. I'll do that for you. I'll love you. All you have to do is let me."

"Does it scare you? That you might love someone that much someday, just to lose them too?"
"Yes, I've bee scared since the first time I saw you."

I mean I think I would have crumbled right there.

And finally, one of the greatest Epilogue's I have ever read.
It finished off the great story, didn't leave you hanging, and went on for the years later, which I LOVED. And, I didn't have to imagine what happen when the story ended, like most books. Although it wasn't what I expected, it was BETTER.

Thank you Cheryl McIntyre for a WONDERFUL book, story, and ending!!!!
I will keep checking for new books from you :]

February 12, 2013

Sometimes Never

Five Stars!
I LOVED this book. Not even lying I'm kind of obsessed with it.
Sometimes Never was dark, gritty, emotional, romantic, deep and even funny at times.
I LOVED both Mason and Hope. They were both so real, especially Hope. Their was no holding back with her and I loved it. She was one bad ass chick.
This book captured my attention right from the moment that Hope's foot met that assholes jeans.

I enjoyed this story and the characters in it so much. Guy is the as is Cash, and even Kellin.

Oh and let me just say the fact that music is incorporated into this novel made it THAT MUCH MORE AMAZING.I am a huge music fan and to see that the main characters share this love for a variety of music was so awesome in my opinion. The fact that Hope was a drummer was fantastic as well cause thats one of my favorite instruments, that I wish I could learn to play.

Anyways this novel isn't just about rock and roll and a girls major obsession for anything candy. Sometimes never deals with some serious issues and how to overcome them. Both Mason and Hope have their own share of shit on their plates, Hope definitely more than Mason I think but I hate spoiling so just read this damn book and read about their journey for yourself!

I seriously want more from this author! I want to know what happens to Kellin and Misty! And even Parker, sure he was an asshole but he was an asshole in love and I would seriously love to hear his story..;)

Anyways this is a definite must read! I was hooked, line, and sinker! ;)


January 7, 2013

Somtimes Never

I am in complete AWE of Cheryl McIntyre. The way she captivated me with this story, the way she wrote these two characters, the struggles and hardships they faced. It was sad and depressing yet happy and beautiful at times. I love that Hope is REAL. She's not the stereotypical NORM. She has different colored hair and gauges in her ears, a tattoo and a bad attitude. She can kick anyone's ass and isn't afraid to do it. She plays drums in a band and the cello at school. I love that we get the story from both Mason and Hope, so we know what's going on in both minds. The fact that Cheryl wrote about issues that not only affect teens today, but everyone everywhere is commendable. I hope that we get a spin off book from some of the other characters like Park, Chase or Annie. I think their stories would be just as Amazing as this one. I am now and forever a HUGE fan of Cheryl McIntyre and look forward to anything else she writes. Okay, so know on to the review.
The people you love most are the ones who hold the power to hurt you so completely. - Hope Love
Hope Love lost her mom and mom's boyfriend in a car accident, she's never known her father and she now lives with her mom's boyfriend's brother and his family. It's like the Brady Bunch, they have so many kids in that house. Hope has never had any type of real relationship with anyone, her mom never really paid her any attention and never really cared about what she did, this left Hope afraid of commitment, afraid to trust anybody. Why should she, everyone always leaves.
Sometimes I think my veins run with poison. We're all slowly dying, right? From the moment we're born, our time dwindles away. Like some countdown we're not privy to. We can die at any moment. - Hope Love

The only person Hope has let get close to her is Guy, her foster cousin/brother. From the very beginning her understood her and never judged her for her horrible past, he is her best friend and fellow band member.

 Mason has lived in so many different places in the last couple of years, he's learned not to make real friends or get attached to people or places. His mom always makes last minute decisions to up and move him and his little brother. On his first day at his new school he sees Hope and is instantly drawn to her. She's not like anyone he's ever known. He does anything and everything to get close to her and win her over, to make her trust him. They have so much in common, music, food, movies, everything. They are two of a kind.

Cheese and rice. I think I just found my kindred spirit or my male alter ego. The Jekyll to my Hyde. - Hope Love

The problem is, Hope already has a "thing" with Park, the lead singer of her band. They have been "non-committed" to each other for over a year. Hope can't decide what to do. She wants to be with Mason, to explore what they have together, but her fears of commitment and leaving and being enough for someone start to overwhelm her. She doesn't want to hurt Park, he is her friend and is the only one her knows her secret. What/Who will Hope choose?

January 2, 2013